About Us

Our Mission is Simple:

Create candles.  Elevate your space.  Inspire your heart.


KYST Co. was an idea that originated three years ago in our home after being dissatisfied with the value of the candles we were purchasing.  After much experimentation and adventure, we've landed.  Our belief is that the influence of scent and the sense of calm provided by simply having a flaming candle nearby can create, transport, and translate mood.  Our candles are thoughtfully designed with pleasing and memorable fragrances nested within effortless vessels.  Our name KYST, Danish for coast, represents the gathered memories of childhood experiences on the shores of the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans.  Scents.  Sounds.  Evolutions.

We use a vegan natural coconut wax blend, manufactured in the USA from renewable resources, ultimately creating a stunning candle.  Our cotton wicks are zinc & lead-free and fabricated in Germany.  Our wooden wicks are clean burning, made sustainably from FSC-Certified wood, and produced in the USA.  We mindfully assemble our fragrances, composed of both essential oils and man-made fragrance molecules.  Our candles are cruelty-free and free from gluten, phthalates, and parabens.

We are thrilled to be a part of giving back to our community.  We donate a portion of our revenues to a non-profit organization entitled Project H.A.N.D.S. (Helping Angels National Donated Support).  This organization works with elderly communities, donating craft supplies, allowing residents to gather and knit, crochet, and otherwise create blankets, sweaters, scarves and other like items for donation to local community agencies in need.  Learn more by visiting https://www.rhf.org/project-h-a-n-d-s/.

Thank you for being a part of who we are!

Capture Your Mood

Jen & Dan, Creators of KYST Co.