Why should I keep the wick trimmed?

Whether cotton or wood, it is important to keep the wick of the candle trimmed prior to the first burn and all subsequent burns.  By trimming the wick prior to burn (1/4" for cotton wick & 1/8" for wood), you allow the wick and wax to work in harmony.  If the wick is too long, it cannot draw the wax up to the top of the wick.  This forces the wick itself to burn, can create too tall of a flame, may cause the candle to soot, and further creates potential for carbon build-up at the tip of the wick which appears as a mushroom top after burning.  Keeping the wick trimmed avoids these issues enabling a longer candle burn time.    

Why is my candle smoking?

If the wick is left too long, small amounts of unburned carbon particles, also known as soot, will escape from the flame and become a visible wisp of smoke.  This wisp of smoke can also occur any time the flame is disturbed (from an air current/draft).  Keep that wick trimmed!

How do I prevent my candle from tunneling?

It is recommended during the initial and subsequent burns of your candle to burn long enough to liquefy the entire top layer of wax (which may take a few hours).  Allowing the candle to liquefy from edge-to-edge will keep the opening wide and prevent the wax from tunneling.  If you believe there is another issue affecting the performance of your candle, please email support@kyst-co.com.

How do I remove the remaining wax in order to reuse the vessel?

Place the vessel/jar in the freezer overnight.  Hold the vessel in one hand and use a butter knife to loosen/split the wax into pieces.  Pop the frozen wax pieces out of the container and discard.  Use small pliers to remove the wick tab.  There may be residual wick sticker residue at the bottom of the vessel which can easily be removed by letting it sit in water for a few minutes.  The sticker residue can then can be peeled/scratched off by hand or cleaned when washing the vessel in soap and water. 

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